Chinese mobile phone users to 557 million or 85.8 % of total Internet users

BEIJING, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released ” 35th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China ” ( hereinafter referred to as the “Report” ) . “Report” shows that as of December 2014 , Chinese netizens reached 649 million , an increase significantly narrowed. Among them, the mobile phone users was 5.57 million, accounting for 85.8% of the total number of Internet users .

” Report,” 2014 new internet users are the most important mobile phone use was 64.1% , due to the growth of mobile phone users to drive action weakened , so new users mobile phone usage is lower than 2013 ‘s 73.3% . Because of new Internet users in 2014 accounted for 38.8% student population , much higher than the 22.7% in the old Internet users , while the Internet scene more groups of students for the school , the family , so the proportion of new users using desktop computers increased significantly compared to 2013 , up 51.6 percent .

In recent years, non-users of the Internet will to continue to reduce the proportion of Internet or certainly possible on the Internet, from 16.3% in 2011 and gradually decline to 11.1% in 2014 , the future conversion of the difficulty of non-users will further increase the growth rate of Internet users will continue to slow .

In addition, the “Report” also predicted that the future of mobile phone users will enter a stage of steady growth . “Report” analysis , one is basically a mobile phone penetration rate has reached saturation , ” the owner must complete the communication targets” According to the Ministry released by the full-year 2014 mobile phone penetration rate rose to 94.5 percent from 90.8 percent at the end of , upside gradually narrowed ; on the other hand , from June 1 carriers were included business tax reform VAT scope of the pilot , told the mobile phone users play an important role in promoting the “buy to send phone calls ,” the terminal along with subsidies major adjustments , while the SAC requires operators within three years in a row to cut marketing costs by 20% , resulting in a significant policy changes over the impact of the smart phone marketing channels , an important impetus for the growth of mobile phone users were partially impaired.

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