Apple supplier Sharp confirmed that the phone 8 will use OLED display

(Original title: Apple supplier Sharp confirmed that iphone 8 will use OLED display)

According to Japan’s Nikkei Asia Review, Sharp president and chief executive officer Takeshi Takeshi told students at Taiwan’s Datong University that Apple is moving from LCDs to OLED displays. “The iPhone has been evolving, and now it is switching from LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) to OLED panels. We do not know if Apple’s OLED iPhone will be hot, but if Apple does not go, This road to change itself, there will be no innovation, this is a crisis, but it is also an opportunity.

Sharp said it is building a new OLED facility in Japan to make displays for “key customers,” but if major major customers want Sharp to make OLED displays in the United States, it does not rule out OLED manufacturing in the United States. Tai Jun-wu did not point out when the new iPhone will switch to OLED display, but the outside world that next year’s iPhone 8 will use OLED display.

Nikkei said before that Apple plans to release at least three new iPhone next year, including a 5.5-inch or larger OLED display with high-end models, the screen uses both sides of the surface design. The report said the other two models will be the traditional 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone, using the traditional LCD screen. Apple analyst Guo Mingchi of KGI said that next year the high-end iPhone will run a 5.8-inch OLED screen surface, using a similar iPhone 4 glass case.

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