Jony Ive responded to Microsoft’s denial of the touch-screen Mac many years ago

(Original title: Jony Ive responded to Microsoft that years ago rejected the touch screen Mac)

Apple’s MacBook lineup, which lacks a touch feature, is one of the most controversial of Apple’s new products, with many technology watchers claiming that Microsoft has become an innovator and Apple has become a follower. But for Apple’s current Jony Ive, this is not the case, because Apple many years ago wanted to build a touch-screen Mac, but he rejected the project from the outset.

Asked about the touchscreen Mac, Jony Ive briefly explained that the company was looking for a way to go beyond traditional touchscreens. Jony Ive said, for some practical reasons. It’s hard to talk about Apple’s current plans without involving a lot of details.

Jony Ive may be referring to the hardware upgrade with Sonder Keyboard, which Apple is looking for to receive this keyboard maker, which features dynamic allocation of keys and uses the patented electronic ink technology to make keyboard keys super power-saving, making it a notebook Computer perfect choice. In this keyboard, each key is dynamic, and context-sensitive, which means that it can be based on the application or task to change its purpose and layout. If Apple did complete the Sonder Keyboard acquisition, their technology can be achieved to the next generation of MacBook them.

Jony Ive said that the current look at the touch bar is the best choice for MacBook. However, Brian Hall, vice president of Microsoft’s Surface marketing, said the Touch Bar is only the first step in a touch-screen Mac, and he said Apple 100% will launch a touch-screen Mac in the next few years.

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