Although the network loan rules regulation P2P historical volume is still close to 3 trillion mark

(Original title: P2P historical volume approaching 3 trillion mark)

Although the Internet credit regulatory rules have been out, but the industry is still growing. November 1, net loan home jointly Yingcan Advisory released “P2P network loan industry in October 2016 Monthly” (hereinafter referred to as the “October Monthly”) shows that, as of the end of October 2016, P2P network loan industry history The cumulative volume of 29650.33 billion yuan, the third trillion has been close at hand.

Among them, in October 2016 P2P network loan industry to achieve a single month of 185.561 billion yuan in overall turnover, due to the seasonal factors of the National Day holiday, the chain decreased by 3.28% in September, but still an increase of 57.6%. Intensive policy also introduced to the market caused a certain panic. However, in the case of tight regulation, net loan volume is still continuing to grow.

Second, the special rectification work has been carried out for half a year now, the industry as a whole from the chaos is gradually forming a healthy cluster of health care, the financial market is still relatively low, , A good market competition and industry development environment, which means that the interests of investors will be more stable protection. “Tight regulation is also to some extent a legitimate identity of the network of credit institutions is recognized, is to encourage sustainable development of the industry will also enhance the confidence of investors for investment in the network to promote the network-loan transactions continue to rise. Fan Shen Lei said CEO.

Yang Fan, CEO of Fulco Jinke, said that one of the reasons for the continued growth of the accumulated turnover was that many platforms had short-term targets. In the context of continued growth in investment demand, the overall transaction balance had a relatively strong growth momentum. Due to regulatory uncertainty, industry concentration increased, some small platform to take the initiative to withdraw from the network loan market.

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