Anchor large – scale performances sell yellow piece of pornographic information constitutes a crime

(Former title: network anchor large-scale performances sell yellow)

Reporter added female anchor micro signal and found that in the number of 15 yuan to sell obscene film prices. Video screenshots

According to the “Internet Information Services Management Measures” to distribute pornographic information has constituted a crime

Recently, some users broke the news in a live APP, and found more female anchor live standard is too large, and even pornographic performances. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter unannounced visits to the platform to see a lot of hostess clothing exposure, Saoshounongzi, and issued a teasing voice to the audience to discuss the gift, and some even nudity, the reporter added an anchor WeChat found its alleged trafficking in pornographic video. The live platform staff said that the platform 24 hours inspection, according to the level of punishment violations. “Internet information service management approach” expressly, the dissemination of pornographic information has constituted a crime.

Yesterday, the reporter logged on the live APP, in the popular anchor list, the reporter opened a random point between the broadcast, I saw the female anchor dressed in low-necked shirt and miniskirt, facing the camera while twisting the body, from time to time will skirt up lifted , Revealing the buttocks, chat with the audience when the female anchor did not forget to take the initiative to discuss the gift. Reporter noted that at this time there are more than 1,800 online users are synchronized to watch, there are people continue to enter, many netizens began to stop brutally brutal female anchor.

In another live female host dressed, the lens at the chest, and issued a teasing voice to attract friends. “Take off the shirt,” and then exposed a little, some users blatantly, female anchor with the exposed shoulder, “you want to brush more than twenty thousand gifts, I took off my coat.” Carter, the screen pops up two ” Ferrari sports car “, with the surge in the number of gifts, the anchor actually show the chest to show appreciation.

So “exposed meat” for the sale of yellow tablets

Reporters from the gift area found “Ferrari” each worth 300 yuan, as well as “diamond ring”, “watches” and other virtual gifts are in the hundred dollars or more, but only in the evening 11 points to 12 points, the reporter observed nearly ten female anchor Received a gift amount of more than a thousand dollars, and these anchors are asking the audience to brush their gifts in exchange for indecent action. In addition, live with the anchor of the seduce, many users have a message, ask for micro-signal. The reporter saw the female anchor will continue to cry, “Brother brush up, gifts plus attention, I will add you WeChat.”

As a result, the reporter added a female anchor WeChat, confirmed that the other party is indeed female anchor, the other given “50 yuan half an hour,” one-on-one service, there is a pornographic video photos, A site cloud disk, as long as 15 yuan, can provide 600 pornographic video. Reporters from the other recently released friends circle to see, she will sell the obscene video sorting for buyers to select, remittance number to its direct called “want to move a customer service, busy to”.

Dissemination of obscene information constitutes a crime

Subsequently, the Beijing Morning Post reporter to the live APP reflect the situation, the staff said that the platform has a 24-hour network of inspections, “We will be based on different violations of the anchor punishment for the exposure of the anchor we will warn reminder, and the dissemination of pornographic Content, will be directly title. “But the staff admitted that many illegal anchor was stopped, will re-apply for account again. Reporters call 12,321 network of bad and spam report center phone to report the matter.

In April of this year, the Ministry of Culture on the network platform for centralized remediation, one of the major violations of the situation: the performing arts live platform to provide with the dissemination of obscene, pornographic, harmful to social morality content network performance. According to the “Internet Information Services Management Measures”, Internet information service providers shall not distribute obscene, pornographic content, constitute an offender, will be held criminally responsible.

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