China Unicom two were removed from office official micro-said “due to job changes”

(Former title: China Unicom two were removed from office)

November 1, China Unicom official micro-Bo announced that due to job duties change, Zhang Junan, Xiong Yu no longer served as China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, party members Duties.

It is reported that the afternoon of November 1, China Unicom held a related meeting, announced the matter. However, China Unicom officials did not explain why the removal of these two vice president, said only “because of job changes.” Zhang Junan previously in charge of China Unicom’s network construction, is the general manager of China Unicom’s former network construction Zhang Zhijiang, the original information and e-commerce business unit of the former general manager of the direct leadership of Xinhua. Xiong Yu early in China Unicom city and provincial subsidiaries, in early 2014 was transferred to China Unicom Marketing Department as general manager, then as China Unicom, deputy general manager, has been in Unicom in charge of the market.

Public information, the end of 2014 after the central inspection team stationed in China Unicom, China Unicom was responsible for the construction of the network Zhang Zhijiang and electronic channels for Xinhua were investigated, in August last year, the Central Organization Department announced the three major collective coaching change handsets, In December last year, China Unicom, former chairman of the party group secretary Chang Xiaobing in the performance of China Telecom chairman, party secretary soon be taken away for investigation. Central Eighth Inspection Group to China Unicom feedback on special inspections have pointed out that China Unicom, “investment and construction, material procurement areas of serious violations.”

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