China’s display over 20% of the global scale of more than 300 billion yuan

(Former title: China display over 20% global share)

Display industry as a pillar industry, in the past ‘second five’ during the display industry has been rapid development, production lines from 7 to 22, the market share is also From 3% to 22%, 32-inch LCD panel market share from 0 to 40% … … “In November 1st LCD branch and Nikkei BP co-sponsored the Seventh China · Beijing 2016 International Display Industrial Forum, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics, Academician Ouyang Zhongcan said.

According to the “2014-2016 New Display Industry Innovation and Development Action Plan”, by 2016, China’s new display industry by area calculation of volume and strive to achieve the world’s second, global market share of more than 20%, the overall size of the industry more than 300 billion yuan . According to Ouyang Chung Chan, and now continue to break the domestic LCD display, resolution from HD to full HD, 4K, 8K evolution last year, BOE 10.5 generation line led to the glass substrate, liquid crystal materials and other supporting industrial development, a comprehensive breakthrough in China’s LCD technology, Changed the situation of less screen.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Information Wang Weiwei also pointed out that the “second five” period, showing the scale of industry and comprehensive strength rising from January to September 2016 industry-wide sales revenue rose 10%, but profitability has dropped significantly, down 80% . Wang Weiwei to judge: First, the traditional growth in demand, fatigue, large-scale acceleration. Second, the mainstream technology structure is basically stable, emerging technologies continue to develop. Third, new applications to promote the rapid development of new technologies, terminal product development on the display panel performance requirements.

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