Lyft was abandoned? Shareholders General Motors and Uber build a car to share services

(Original title: Uber Teams Up With Lyft-Backer GM on Car-Sharing Service)

According to foreign media reports, a taxi software service provider Uber is currently working with General Motors (GM) to jointly develop the car sharing service Maven.

The project allows Uber drivers in San Francisco to rent cars from General Motors, similar to the generic Express Drive, which allows Lyft drivers to rent cars from GM for a short period of time.

GM has invested $ 500 million this year in Lyft, with Dan Ammann, its president, in charge of Lyft’s board of directors. General Motors through the investment of Lyft was about 9% of the shares. According to sources, GM even held an informal discussion on the acquisition of Lyft.

“Today, we announced that we are partnering with our carpooling industry partners in Maven, a car – sharing service,” said Stephen, a vice – president at General Motors, in a statement.

Both Uber and Lyft are using car financing to attract and retain drivers, which is the key to the competition between the two companies. GM plans to test Maven services in the San Francisco area within the next 90 days. (Han ice)

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