Sophisticated but fragile intellectual society faces challenges such as cyber attacks

(Former title: delicate but fragile, intelligent society to face the challenge)

On October 31, the World Summit on the Internet of Things opened in Wuxi. In his congratulatory letter, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that Internet of Things can play an important supporting role in nurturing the new momentum of economic development, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and improving the level of social governance services. Internet of things by the participating scholars, entrepreneurs of great concern.

I note that the recent US network paralysis on the Internet of Things. Dyn Corporation, which provides DNS-based services to many of its Web sites, has experienced massive “denial of access” attacks that have led to multiple network disruptions. It is estimated that a half-day paralysis caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Dyn company, said the attack involves IP tens of millions of order of magnitude, most of them from the Internet of things and intelligent devices. This means that a coffee machine connected to the Internet, may also be an accomplice to hackers. In 2014, hackers have “hijacked” more than 10 million Internet of things equipment, launched 700,000 spam attacks, including refrigerators, routers and smart TV.

With the penetration of Internet of things, the popularity of mobile Internet, more and more people realize that the direction of the evolution of the times, is a person connected with people connected with objects, objects and objects connected through the calculation of automatic operation of the “smart society. But the coming smart society, delicate and fragile like a coin on both sides. The reason is that the entire society will become a strong associated system in the intellectual age, which has never existed in the development of human history, its impact on social governance will be unprecedented.

To mobile phones, for example, “Big Brother”, the main function of ordinary mobile phone is to use voice, text messages to connect people. But after the emergence of smart phones, they connect the site, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, vehicles, television … … more diverse connection dimensions, a wider range. As the human blood supply depends on the heart, breathing depends on the lungs, like a high degree of dependence on the connection, so that the smart phone has become a human mobile organ.

This “organ” is increasingly central.

The same is true for all types of sensors. Research firm JuniperResearch expects the Internet of Things in 2020 will reach 38.5 billion devices, compared with 13.4 billion in 2015 soared 187%. Sensing devices will penetrate every corner of society as an organic part of society, human dependence on them will become more serious. These things networking equipment, because the memory space is limited, can not install security software, is vulnerable to attack and hostage. This is the main reason for the US network paralysis.

In the agricultural society, the four seasons change, the autumn harvest winter, illness and death, the structure is relatively simple, hoe off can change a, can not be mistaken farming, a farmer’s problem is unlikely to evolve into a collective problem.

In industrial society, complex machines speed up the functioning of society, but also increase the complexity of the social system. Once a part of the machine problems, it may lead to the overall paralysis. In 1986, the United States, “Challenger” space shuttle launched 73 seconds after the disintegration in the air, seven astronauts were killed. The cause of the accident is that the local temperature plummeted, a small rubber ring failure, causing a hot air leak led to an explosion.

But in the intelligent society, with the help of software, networks and sensors, the whole social connection into a whole, which in industrial society on the basis of a step forward. Compared with the rocket, space shuttle, its complexity has gone beyond. People’s mistakes are often isolated, the human can be consciously corrected; machine failure, people can spend more time to troubleshoot, repair and improve; but in the intelligent society, the functioning of society is not dependent on a specific person, or a Specific machine, but rely on a complex degree of exponential growth has been an intelligent system, once the problem, to quickly complete the repair, error correction is very difficult, often only “shut down”, which may mean a disaster .

That is, the more complex society, also means that the more complex error correction mechanism, the higher the cost of error correction.

July 20 this year, the United States Southwest Airlines due to a data router part of the malfunction led to paralysis of the business, 4 days were canceled 2300 flights, tens of thousands of passengers stranded. The CEO described the situation: “When the router failed, the data began to accumulate, just like traffic congestion on the highway.” Once again, Thailand’s Finance Minister Sukka sat in his BMW car, the car computer suddenly Failure, the engine stopped working, air conditioning was closed, the door was locked, the window can not be opened. People around helpless, and finally had to crush the window glass with sledgehammer, Su Cha was able to get out.

The future of society, the error correction mechanism is more complex, higher cost of correction, to some extent, may exceed the existing human capacity. Facing the coming intelligent society, mankind is still far from ready.

(Author of large data experts)

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