The study found that: too much social networking to weaken the young family values

(The original title: social networking too much to weaken the young family values)

According to Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, October 31 (Xinhua Luan Hai) all day staring at the phone, the computer screen in the real values ​​will be affected? A recent survey of Russian researchers, to a certain extent, confirms the excessive use of social networks and values ​​associated with change.

According to the Russian “News” reported that the Moscow Normal University, Dr. Anna East Brofovskaya and political science, Dr. Ye Lianna Brodovskaya recently conducted a survey of 1,100 Russian college students. The survey results show that about 73% of students who use less than an hour of social networking every day think that families are most important in their own values; about 65% of students spend hours on social networks every day Only 56 percent of the students who spend most of their time on social networks every day value their families.

In addition, the survey also found that the daily use of social networks, the least time students, about 10% of people think that moral quality is a very valued quality. The number of students who spend the most time on social networks every day is zero.

The researchers conclude that young people who use too many social networks tend to be immersed in the value experience that is unique to the online world, and that some of their traditional values ​​in the real world are weakened.

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